The Best Online Slot Site Games in Indonesia Currently December 2022

Slot games are one of the most popular and sought-after forms of online gambling in Indonesia and around the world. Here at suwabet Indonesia we offer many online slot games.

But some are more popular than others. Indeed, with the occasional mega millions available through things like progressive jackpots, some slots dwarf their counterparts in the suite of situs slot online.

We love slots by our community of 12 million players, which Situs Slot Online is why we are dedicated to bringing you the best gameplay experiences and biggest jackpots.

This guide will take you through the 10 most popular online slot games, where players compete for huge prizes and payouts.

Maybe you will find the right one for you?

The most popular online slot game in Indonesia
All of these games are available on online slot sites in Indonesia and can be played wherever and whenever it suits you.

Napoleon & Josephine
Experience romance and betrayal in this French-themed slot machine developed by Relax Gaming. There are 50 paylines in Napoleon & Josephine, with four across the five reels. The beauty of this game comes in its respectable graphics and plot. You have to match the Napoleon, Josephine, cannon and carriage symbols to win huge payouts and jackpots. There is also a free spins bonus of up to 50 spins, you are lucky enough to get one!

Click on the bottom left of the game to see the payout table. Cannon Wilds are available and they can change your game if you land them. There is an RTP of 97.03% on this game, making it one of the most popular in the Casino suite.

Break the Banks
This is a busy and fast-paced online slot machine where the goal is of course to win big. Bust the Bank follows Larry and Bob as they aim to raid the bank in this comic cook-inspired slot. The slot machine has experienced a huge increase in popularity in this slot machine, with players loving the visual graphics. Its popularity mainly comes from desktop gamers, as Bust the Bank is not yet available on smartphones or tablets.

There are 243 tantalizing paylines in this online slot machine. It only includes three rows and five reels. To this effect, almost every conceivable combination is available to online slot machine players here! Hitting three, four or five Scatter symbols will trigger the free spins bonus round. And multipliers can land during those spins too!

There are two other bonus rounds: the safe and the piggy bank bonus. This is what makes Bust the Bank so much fun for players.

Phoenix Reborn
Play n Go brings the Phoenix Reborn to life in this elegant and stylish online slot machine. And the big draw for Phoenix Reborn is the growing Wilds. This is when the Wild symbol – in this case the phoenix – doesn’t just sit on the reels. Instead, it expands to fill the entire reel and can therefore be used in even more row combinations.

Phoenix Reborn offers six rows of five reels. It has lots of symbols and newcomers to the game are advised to read the information sheet before playing. There are only 40 paylines here, all offering different payout rates. The game is popular for its slot size, with a fixed jackpot.

Not that the paylines are rare! Expect lots of payout possibilities at this game, with three rows across five reels. You can also get re-spins and bonus symbol upgrades during the game!

King of Kings also offers players the chance to enter Jackpot Stars. This is a mega jackpot, with 12 chances to win 500x your bet. Simply collect three jackpot stars while playing King of Kings to enter the bonus round!

Princess of the moon
This game is perfect for fans of Japanese manga — a comic book style that brings characters to life through their iconic drawing style. What makes this game even more popular are the bonus rounds available in the gameplay. They are called Girl Power and are triggered randomly after a non-winning spin. This means you’re not only competing on 20 paylines for the mega payout, but you’re also chasing the chance to earn those bonuses.

The three bonuses are:

Love – One set of symbols will be transferred to another symbol
Star – Wilds can appear randomly on the screen
Storm – Two randomly selected symbol sets are destroyed

There are also free spins and Princess Trinity bonuses available in this fast-paced game.

Big Pig
A play on the classic book The Great Gatsby, this slot machine brings the glitz and glam of 1920s America to online slot sites. Wild Free Spins and Great Pigsby Spin are two interesting features of this popular game. There are 243 ways to win a five reel slot machine consisting of three rows.

The rise of Olympus
Another classic themed game is here this time from Ancient Greece. Rise of Olympus is also a classic slot. This is a 5×5 game, meaning that there are five rows across the five reels. That means the paylines can also run diagonally, to significantly improve the gameplay experience.

The big bonus in Rise of Olympus is the Hand of God — a bonus that can trigger a non-winning spin and pay out up to 5,000x your bet. There are three gods overseeing the game, with Zeus flanked by Poseidon and Hades. Keep an eye on the Wrath of Olympus monitor — if it runs out, the Gods will wreak havoc on the slot!

Carnival Queen
Prepare yourself for one of the most intense online slot machines on the online slot site. There are an astonishing 4096 paylines available with Carnival Queen. This game also offers a chance to win up to 22,700x your bet!

Look for the Scatter mask bonus which can greatly increase your payout, while making sure to keep your fingers crossed the avalanche feature will shuffle your symbols. There are plenty of Wilds to get around here too, making Carnival Queen a fun game to play.